Sober Living Houses

Sober living is a structured, supervised-environment that will help you significantly as you build a new addiction-free life for yourself by providing a link between rehabilitation and returning to your former living environment.

In the early stages of sobriety, temptations can remain strong and returning to your home may result in a relapse. If it is determined you need continued support, choosing to move into a sober living house may be just what you need to ensure long-term sobriety.

While living in a sober house, you will be able to practice the new life skills you learned during each phase of your drug and alcohol treatment to ensure they become second nature to you; reinforcing the likelihood of your success.

Most sober houses have an open-door policy so you can continue to work or go to school and participate in social activities. However, there are mandatory curfews and there will be chores around the house as you learn to mainstream into long-term sobriety. Our counselors are here to help you decide if this service will benefit you as you soldier on toward your new life, free of addiction.

We work with the highest quality men’s and women’s sober living houses and will ensure you choose just the right one and that you will receive the best treatment for you. We will help you with your insurance claim, and provide you with safe transportation to the facility when needed.

Personal Service Every Step of the Way

We will help you develop the customized substance abuse treatment plan that meets your needs on your unique journey. Your success and your health are our main focus. Our services are free of charge to you, you have nothing to lose by making that call and everything to gain.

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