Substance Abuse Intervention

It’s not uncommon for a person addicted to drugs or alcohol to be in denial about their addiction. It’s also not uncommon for them to not care how their behavior is negatively affecting their family and friends as they spiral down their destructive path. Substance abuse intervention treatment will bring to light the pain they are inflicting on the people they love as you work together with a trained professional in a group setting and openly share your experiences and love.

Not unlike a life preserver tossed into an angry sea, alcohol or drug intervention may provide your loved one with the support they need to accept their illness and reach for help.

What to expect during an intervention

The main objective of alcohol and drug interventions is to bring friends and family members closest to your loved one together to work in establishing a plan which will help them achieve and maintain an addiction free life.

Once an intervention team of supporters is formed, a meeting is scheduled for your team to meet with your loved one and a professional intervention counselor at a drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment center. Each team member is encouraged to speak openly and freely about their personal experiences with your loved one and express the pain the substance abuse has caused them and their fears for your loved one’s future.

It is essential at this time that boundaries are set and consequences are discussed should your loved one choose to remain on their path of addiction. It will be helpful for each team member to reiterate their need to no longer be a part of your loved ones life should they decide to remain addicted. This form of tough love, widely used during drug and alcohol interventions, will usually kick-start them to take the first step toward sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment Phases

> Substance Abuse Interventions
> Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment
> Residential Treatment Centers
> Outpatient Treatment
> Sober Living
> Relapse Prevention

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