Intervention Services

Every person who struggles with addiction responds in their own way to pleas from loved ones who want them to get help. An intervention, or an event that causes the individual to want to stop their addiction, can occur in many different ways. While some intervention approaches are effective for certain people, others respond better to different methods. Life Change Addiction Recovery helps families find professional intervention services that will walk them through the process and determine what kind of intervention they should use.

Simple Intervention

An intervention can be as simple as a one-on-one discussion between a family member and the addict. A simple intervention is an appeal from one person to another, which makes it less confrontational than a full family intervention. With the simple method, a single family member asks the addict to stop using and to get help. In many cases, this is all it takes to alert the addict to their problem and make them see the need for help.

Traditional Intervention

For some addicts, a more traditional intervention is more effective. With the help of family intervention services, loved ones meet privately and plan out their roles for the intervention. During the intervention, family members confront their loved one together, tell them how the addiction is affecting the whole family, and help them see the need for treatment.

Crisis Intervention

Another form of intervention comes during a crisis in the addict’s life. Usually as a result of the unstable lifestyle of a drug addict or alcoholic, a crisis helps highlight the need for treatment. Crisis intervention services are not planned ahead of time, but rather use the opportunity presented by a difficult situation to show the addict their need for help.

Within the framework of an intervention, there are different methods that can be used, depending on the individual and their family’s needs. Our professionals connect families with intervention services that help them determine what kind of intervention approach to use.

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