Christian Recovery

Christian rehab centers provide the strength and encouragement that are necessary for many to recover. Many patients find success with Christian rehab centers because of the high level of care, the underlying strength, and the balanced healing that these centers provide.

A large component to recovery is managing the emotional and spiritual pain that have caused the person to use. Without this deeper healing, many people relapse back into addiction. Christian rehab centers focus on healing the underlying issues, the past mistakes, and the emotional distress that are so common among those suffering with an addiction. This allows patients to begin a new, more balanced life without drugs or alcohol.

Complete Healing through Faith

Our Christian addiction treatment programs are open to anyone that wants to begin, continue or rekindle their faith in Christ while seeking a successful recovery from their addiction. Our programs feature Bible teachings focused on reestablishing or building a new faith to guide you throughout treatment and addiction recovery.

Our Christian rehab programs use the Christian 12 Steps for personal growth during recovery and hold daily group therapy sessions that are facilitated by a Christian counselor. Frequent Bible study sessions are included throughout the week to help explore God’s inspired Word and apply it to the recovery process. Local church visits offer an opportunity for developing uplifting relationships within the Christian community and participation in church activities provides opportunities to work on the life skills necessary for a smooth and successful transition back into society.

Life Change Addiction Recovery is here to help. Our professionals evaluate each patient to determine their needs, and then connect them with the best rehab centers to meet those needs. The Christian drug rehab and Christian alcohol rehab centers that we work with focus on healing the entire individual for a complete recovery.

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