Alcohol Rehab ~ A Runaway Train

In a world filled with peer pressure and few boundaries, alcohol addiction is an easy, and often fun, train to ride; at first anyway, until you find yourself on a runaway train that doesn’t stop.

Alcohol rehab is often your only way to disembark a destruction-bound train, and the time to get on a new train is now! Next stop – sobriety. Think of us as your travel guide.

Life Change Addiction Recovery is the only call you need to make for the best alcohol treatment in Florida or elsewhere; the rest is up to us. We partner with some of the best alcohol treatment centers around and will help you choose the right destination for your specific needs.

We will ensure your ‘ride’ encompasses everything you need to break the chains of addiction and reach your destination of long-term sobriety safely, successfully, and on time.

You Will Not Be Riding The Rails Alone

Alcohol rehab is not something you will have to do alone. There will be others taking this journey with you including a team of doctors, therapists, and administrators, at the alcohol rehab center, by your side at all times to ensure you are not derailed along the way.

Our team of caring, professional, and compassionate people are dedicated to helping you get on the right train and concluding your journey to total sobriety successfully.

Travel perks? Yes! All our services are free of charge. From finding you the best alcohol rehab at the most suitable treatment center for your individual needs, to providing you with safe transportation and helping with your insurance coverage – all free.

One call is all it takes to get on board. Your seat on the freedom train to long-term sobriety is waiting for you. All aboard!

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