Private Pay – When Health Insurance is Not an Option

Private pay, cash, check, credit cards, loans, insurance coverage, or state funds– Help!

Don’t let the overwhelming cost of substance abuse treatment or how to pay for it discourage you; the help you need to turn your life around is not out of reach. One call to us is all it takes. At no cost to you, we will find the best fit for your situation and help you work out the financing to get you started as quickly as possible toward a life free of addiction.

Weighing the Cost

Supporting your habit is not free; and private pay is your only option in that scenario. So you borrow from friends and family under false pretenses, spend most of your salary on your habit, drain your bank accounts, or participate in dangerous and illegal activities to fund your addiction. Not to mention the cost of hospital bills associated with addiction. These costs and consequences will greatly surpass what your rehabilitation costs will be.

Even without the benefit of health insurance you do have options and opportunities to transform your life. Private pay affordable treatment is available and we will guide you to a bright future every step of the way. Many of the facilities we partner with offer various financing options and you might be surprised to find the cost of treatment more affordable than you think.

There are many ways you can make private pay work for you if funds are low; a bank loan, utilizing untapped funds, asking friends and family to send money directly to the treatment center on your behalf, selling sports or technical equipment (skis, bicycle, golf clubs, Xbox or iPad), or having a multi-family garage sale as a fundraiser; all of which is a small price to pay for the benefit of sobriety.

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