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Understanding the Spiritual Aspect of Recovery

If you have decided to seek recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it won’t be long before you are introduced to the spiritual aspect of the process. In fact, spirituality is at the very heart of the 12-Step philosophy and you simply can not work the 12 Steps without coming to terms with your own beliefs about God. This can be frightening for some people, who consider themselves atheist or agnostic…or for those who do believe in God, but fear God….or for those who have resentments towards God. No matter how you perceive God at stage of your life, the good news is –you are welcome in the rooms of recovery! While you must eventually embrace this aspect of sobriety to benefit from your particular 12-Step program, this is not something you need to do today. Just attending your first few meetings is challenge enough and simply getting to… {Continue Reading}

The 12 Steps Are Your Moral Compass

Being in recovery is about working and living the principles found in the 12 steps. While it is certainly important to attend meetings, stay in regular contact with a sponsor and fellowship with other recovering people, these activities will not keep you clean. They will certainly provide some relief from the debilitating symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction. They might even make you feel good about yourself and keep you energized about the recovery lifestyle, but this kind of relief is only temporary. In order for an addict or alcoholic to experience the many gifts and promises that accompany a 12-step program, he or she must work the 12 steps. All too often, men and women complete an in or out-patient treatment program and then attend 12-step meetings as a part of their aftercare program. The problem is, they merely attend the meetings and never get around to working the… {Continue Reading}

The Light of Truth

Webster’s Dictionary defines denial as “refusal to admit the truth or reality.” Living in a perpetual state of denial is common for addicts and alcoholics. In fact, substance abuse and denial go hand in hand. The truth is; people with a drug or alcohol problem are usually the last to know they have one –strange as that may seem. Ignoring the truth about the unmanageability and powerlessness caused by addiction is far less painful than facing it. Denial is a self defense mechanism built into the human psyche, designed to guard us from truths about ourselves, our lives, or our relationships….truths that have the potential to harm us. The mind has a tendency to want to keep us from these truths until we are ready to deal with them –or, until we get into so much pain, we become ready to make a change. Denial can manifest in any one… {Continue Reading}

Native Americans and Alcoholism

Certain areas of the United States are known for their high concentration of bars and liquor stores, and some places have a higher percentage of alcoholics per capita. However, it is rare to find statistics for alcoholism as miserable as one Indian reservation in South Dakota is experiencing. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, on the southern edge of South Dakota, is among the poorest communities America. The unemployment rate at Pine Ridge is 80%, and life expectancy is just 45 to 52 years. The reason for the sad statistics in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is alcoholism. Four out of five families suffer with alcoholism, and one in four babies is born with fetal alcohol syndrome in this community. Profiting from Alcohol Sales What makes these statistics amazing is that this is a dry reservation; alcohol has been banned here for decades. However, near the reservation and… {Continue Reading}