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Faith in Recovery

Living a life of addiction is a never ending hamster wheel of chaos. Feelings of being out of control, fear, being alone and hopelessness overwhelm most addicts. They turn to rehab broken physically, emotionally and spiritually seeking help to overcome a demon much bigger than themselves. Eliminate Hopelessness Lost hope and substance abuse seem to go hand-in-hand. Once hope is lost, reaching a fuller, happier life is believed to be out of reach. Faith plays an integral role on the road to recovery by providing not only hope, but strength, courage, and self-control as well. Knowing there is power greater than their disease, stronger than their demons, and more loving than one can ever imagine taking that journey alongside them will help addicts soldier on through rehabilitation to a successful recovery. In moments of weakness and times of wanting to give up, leaning on God gets them through day by… {Continue Reading}

When Is Treatment Necessary?

Many people struggle with the decision to get help for a loved one who has a drug or alcohol addiction. They are afraid the person will get mad at them or will resist treatment. They do not want to offend or embarrass their loved one, or make them feel like they are being judged. What family members and friends often forget, however, is that addiction is a progressive disease, and the person will continue to get worse and be more controlled by their substance over time. There is always an internal debate that occurs when someone finds out a loved one is using drugs or alcohol. They may wonder if the problem is really very serious and if treatment is even necessary. Any drug use is dangerous and can quickly lead to addiction, however, and should be stopped before it can progress. If the person is abusing alcohol or drugs, acting… {Continue Reading}

Proper Nutrition in Recovery

When you think of an addict or alcoholic, you certainly don’t envision someone who is a picture of good health –far from it. People with drug and alcohol problems are notorious for poor lifestyle choices caused by their substance abuse. Personal hygiene goes out the window and a decline in health inevitably follows, one that includes malnourishment, dental mishaps and chronic health problems. Addiction Wreaks Havoc On Mind and Body Proper nutrition provides much-needed sustenance to the brain to repair the damage caused by drugs and alcohol, which helps the recovery process on every level. This is especially true in the early days of recovery. However; practicing healthy habits and learning everything there is to know about a proper diet can feel overwhelming. Many people in sobriety avoid the topic altogether simply because they feel intimidated by it. To keep things simple in the beginning, the U.S. National Library of… {Continue Reading}

Dealing with Rejection

Everyone experiences rejection at one time or another. When faced with the disappointment of being rejected, it is important that we find healthy ways to make ourselves feel better, rather than turn to things like self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Life is full of sadness, disappointment and rejection. We may feel rejected when going through a divorce, when being ignored by others, when failing to get the promotion at work, and when family and friends let us down. These kinds of social disappointments are normal and everyone goes through them at all stages of life; from the child who is neglected by his parents or bullied by classmates, to the elderly person who sits alone for days without a visit from family members. Negative Coping Methods Many people, when faced with rejection, exhibit unhealthy behavior. The most common way an individual reacts to disappointment is to get angry or bitter,… {Continue Reading}