How to Have Holly Jolly Sober Holiday

How to Have Holly Jolly Sober Holiday

Holidays always seem to be that bump on the recovery road that often make people stumble and fall into relapse. Especially if you are a new traveler on that road.

Between the office parties, family gatherings, open-house celebrations, and don’t forget the football parties; people trying to stay sober during the holidays don’t seem to stand a chance! How do you escape the festivities gracefully, not end up a hermit (how depressing is that?!), and still enjoy the holidays without all the alcohol exposure?

Get Out of Dodge

Now you’re thinking, “How is that going to help me escape all the holiday cheer; isn’t it Christmas everywhere?” Yes it is. The answer is Sober Travelers; a non-profit that provides travel services only to members of 12-Step and recovery programs. Sober Travelers is a library, if you will, of a multitude of sober getaway ideas and packages offered all over the world.

The locations are stupendous; who knows, the whole family just might want to tag along! These are the type of getaway ideas you will find there:

Gingerbread Cottage Bed and Breakfast in Victoria, BC, Canada

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Victoria is a winter wonderland. Mornings begin with a short walk to a local 12-step meeting, followed by an inclusive, hot gourmet breakfast. Gingerbread Cottage touts serving the best Austrian Apple Strudel in town. They are close to beautiful downtown Victoria, cater to sober living, and offer tips about 12-step meetings, places to visit, and how to avoid tourist traps.

Looking for something a little warmer?

Baja Retreats

Offering sober retreats beachside in Southern Baja. This is the perfect place to connect with your higher power in a safe environment and escape all the holiday hub-bub. Sober in Baja offers AA meetings, Yoga, and daily meditations.  Surf, sand, sunshine, and sobriety. Ho-Ho-Ho.

There are many more destinations to choose from, including cruises, which provide a safe haven in which to enjoy the holidays while staying sober. Your family just might jump at the chance to experience a new kind of Christmas themselves. If not, you can always join a group.

Staying sober through the holidays is somewhat of an art form. Sober living skills are honed over the years through experience, therapy sessions, sober friends, and AA sponsors. But what if you are a rookie in recovery and this is your first Christmas?

If you are fearful of putting yourself in the arms of temptation over the holidays, and thinking your only option is to stay home alone and miss all the holly-jolly fun and family time; think again. It just might be time to make a new-kind of holiday fun and start a new family tradition! Wink.

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