Flesh Rotting Heroin Replacement Drug Takes U.S. By Storm

Within the last two months a drug scare over the alleged appearance of a drug called “Krokodil” has rocked U.S. media. It is believed the drug cocktail originated in rural Russia and has quickly made its way to the United States. Suspected cases, including two by the American Association of Poison Control, have been reported from Ohio to Arizona. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) are investigating the cases but none have been confirmed yet. As a part of the opiate family, the drug has a comparable effect on the brain and body as heroin but is a shorter acting and more intense high. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Krokodil is a synthetic form of a heroin-like drug called desomorphine that is made by combining codeine tablets with various toxic chemicals including lighter fluid and industrial cleaners.” The drug gets its name… {Continue Reading}

How to Have Holly Jolly Sober Holiday

Holidays always seem to be that bump on the recovery road that often make people stumble and fall into relapse. Especially if you are a new traveler on that road. Between the office parties, family gatherings, open-house celebrations, and don’t forget the football parties; people trying to stay sober during the holidays don’t seem to stand a chance! How do you escape the festivities gracefully, not end up a hermit (how depressing is that?!), and still enjoy the holidays without all the alcohol exposure? Get Out of Dodge Now you’re thinking, “How is that going to help me escape all the holiday cheer; isn’t it Christmas everywhere?” Yes it is. The answer is Sober Travelers; a non-profit that provides travel services only to members of 12-Step and recovery programs. Sober Travelers is a library, if you will, of a multitude of sober getaway ideas and packages offered all over the… {Continue Reading}

Why is NAATP Membership Important?

 “NAATP’s mission is to provide leadership, advocacy, training and other member support services to assure the continued availability and highest quality of addiction treatment.” The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, founded in 1978, is committed to being the voice and advocate for addiction treatment providers at over 600 treatment facilities through NAATP membership. NAATP members are accountable for setting a standard of quality in addiction services by pledging high ethical standards and quality of care, and participating in outcome and cost effectiveness studies. NAATP membership includes a wide-range of for-profit and not-for-profit providers such as: Hospital-based facilities Residential care Outpatient care Extended care Each NAATP member is dedicated to providing persons suffering from addiction, and their families, hope for a new tomorrow and a long-life free from addiction. NAATP membership has its rewards The benefits of NAATP membership for treatment facilities are considerable. Member discounts on products and services… {Continue Reading}

Leading a Life That is Truly Your Own

Unlearning manipulative addiction related behaviors is one of sobrieties biggest challenges. Asking others to make you a better person is lazy, impossible and engages in co-dependent behavior. When it is time, a parent lets go and allows their child to start making their own mistakes and decisions. Recovering addicts must learn to “parent” themselves because what good can come from attempting to control and manipulate another’s behavior when it is simpler to learn self-discipline and responsibility? Small steps like choosing a booth at a restaurant, organizing a get together or planning a camping trip will start the process. Some treatment centers have an alumni group that encourages involvement in these sorts of decision-making processes. The twelfth step of Narcotics Anonymous encourages carrying the message. Volunteering for service work, sometimes called H&I, brings encouragement and support to those in correctional institutions and hospitals. Follow the leader until one becomes a leader… {Continue Reading}