Avoiding Relapse

Avoiding RelapseGoing through recovery and rehab can be a difficult journey. Those who make it are often afraid of relapse, but anyone who has completed adequate therapy can be confident that they have the tools necessary to stay sober. Still, sobriety is something that must be worked at every day in order for avoiding relapse.

Long Term Care

A drug or alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome, but it can be done with the right treatment and support system. Even after a person is completely sober, however, it is important for them to continue to work at their sobriety to keep from going back to the addiction. Many treatment centers now offer after care programs, which allow the individual to participate in therapy and counseling on a regular basis to keep them connected to the recovery community. Other facilities have sober living options, where the person can continue to live in a structured setting while they are working to get back on their feet and find a job and a place to live.

Support Groups

Most professionals would agree that support groups are one of the best ways for a person to stay sober and avoid relapse. Support groups bring together individuals who are going through similar circumstances to support and encourage one another. Members of a support group hold each other accountable to their sobriety and are there to lean on and provide encouragement when a member feels weak. Participating in a support group allows the person in recovery to focus on their goal of sobriety, and gives them motivation to stay clean.

Relapse is a real part of recovery, and many people unfortunately do relapse. It is important that when it does happen, the person pulls themselves together and heads back to rehab, where they can continue to develop the skills they need to prevent relapse in the future.

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