What to Pack for Rehab

Facing rehab is a difficult and sometimes scary experience. It is hard to prepare knowing one’s life will change drastically and while fighting the resistance one may feel.

What to Pack for Rehab

What to Pack for Rehab

If given the opportunity it is best to pack a bug-out bag for rehab that includes everything one would need to survive for 30 days.

First things first call the rehab or detox facility that you will be going to, with a pen and paper in hand, and ask them if they have a list of what to bring on their website or if they can tell you what to bring.

Brings the Essentials

Most rehabs tell you to bring the essentials: enough comfortable clothes for 5-7 days, socks, underwear, jacket and be sure to ask if laundry detergent is provided or not. Toiletries and personal hygiene supplies may or may not be furnished it is important to ask what items are not allowed.

Because rehab will be your home away from home, it may be helpful to bring a few personal items. A journal, some pictures and an alarm clock might be important to keep spirits up.

The Need for Routine

Sometimes the things you bring help you create a routine. For instance while packing you may not feel like exercising but it is a good way to let out stress and can be fairly enjoyable so best pack some tennis shoes and gym clothes. Makeup may be part of self care that makes you feel better and don’t forget a supply of cigarettes if you’re a smoker.  Depending on the time of year, throw in a pair of sunglasses and flip-flops as well.

In your free time don’t expect much privacy or access to your own television. You may not be able to bring your laptop so be prepared with a book or two and some cards or paper for letter writing.

Other essentials you may not have thought about are current medications stored in their own bottles and any unopened over-the-counter medications you feel you may need. Have some small change for a vending machine and your identification card and insurance card will be needed upon arrival.

Most rehab facilities do not allow anything that creates a distraction.

What Not to Pack for Rehab

Rehab can be intense and the reason you are going there is not a vacation. It is to detox and work hard at getting on the sober path.  Extra food, inappropriate clothing, electronics, cell phones, magazines, porn, products containing alcohol and expensive jewelry are generally not allowed.

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