Life Change Recovery App

Recovery is getting smarter and more accessible through the use of technology. New apps like the one from Life Change Recovery help keep individuals on the path to sobriety.

The Life Change app is designed for both iPhones and Androids, and it is changing the way people stay connected to others in recovery.

App Connects those in Recovery

Life Change Recovery App Available

Society has made some major technological advances in the past 10 years, and tools like the Life Change app use those advances for the benefit of those in recovery.

Traditionally, support groups and group therapy sessions were the ways newly sober individuals met others in recovery, encouraged each other and prevented relapse.

The Life Change app provides many of the same benefits, with the use of high-tech methods.

The new app provides easy access to the Life Change community of counselors and staff. App users can also quickly read and post messages on the Recovery Wall, or check in with others who are going through recovery.

The app makes it convenient for clients to talk to recovery support when they need it, and receive encouragement when they are struggling with the temptation to go back to their addiction.

When used in connection with traditional methods like therapy and support groups, the Life Change app can help keep individuals sober.

New App Provides Convenience

In a world where information is always at our fingertips and help is never farther than a phone call or text away, people want immediate results.

The Life Change app provides the user with instant access to social media sites, the Life Change informative blog, the Recovery Wall and other forums.

It allows support partners to be more available for each other, and to communicate 24 hours a day.

Most importantly, the Life Change app can immediately connect someone with help, whether they are seeking help for the first time, or have been through treatment and are facing the temptation to use again.

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