Addiction and Mental Health

Co-occurring disorder, formerly dual diagnosis disorder, is a combination of substance abuse and a mental disorder. According to an article published in Mail Online, the fusion of substance abuse and mental disorders is causing more deaths and illnesses internationally than HIV, TB and diabetes combined. Referencing the 2010 Global Burden Disease Study, Mail Online reports depressive disorders account for 40 percent of deaths and disease internationally with a majority of the victims being women and young girls over 14 years of age. To achieve the most favorable outcome of dual diagnosis treatment, it is vital that both disorders are treated concurrently in order to attain complete recovery. Further noted by Mail Online; substance abuse and mental illnesses hold fifth place among causes of death throughout the 187 countries that participated in the study. According to SAMHSA, roughly 8.9 million adults have co-occurring disorders, yet only 7.4 percent receive treatment for… {Continue Reading}

How to Manage Stress

How does our society manage stress? Many people handle tough times by closing up and becoming isolated from others. Others tend to blow up and take their stress out on anyone else who is unfortunate enough to cross their path. Some individuals turn to prescription drugs or alcohol to take their cares away, or they overeat in an effort to feel better. All of these are common ways people in society today manage stress, but each of these ways can have negative consequences. It is of utmost importance for a person’s health that they learn how to manage stress in a positive way, or it will begin to take over, and the person will quickly lose control. Life is full of problems, disappointments, and stress. It is how people react to those challenges and work to overcome them that determines what kind of life they live. Those who never learn… {Continue Reading}

What to Pack for Rehab

Facing rehab is a difficult and sometimes scary experience. It is hard to prepare knowing one’s life will change drastically and while fighting the resistance one may feel. What to Pack for Rehab If given the opportunity it is best to pack a bug-out bag for rehab that includes everything one would need to survive for 30 days. First things first call the rehab or detox facility that you will be going to, with a pen and paper in hand, and ask them if they have a list of what to bring on their website or if they can tell you what to bring. Brings the Essentials Most rehabs tell you to bring the essentials: enough comfortable clothes for 5-7 days, socks, underwear, jacket and be sure to ask if laundry detergent is provided or not. Toiletries and personal hygiene supplies may or may not be furnished it is important… {Continue Reading}

Life Change Recovery App

Recovery is getting smarter and more accessible through the use of technology. New apps like the one from Life Change Recovery help keep individuals on the path to sobriety. The Life Change app is designed for both iPhones and Androids, and it is changing the way people stay connected to others in recovery. App Connects those in Recovery Society has made some major technological advances in the past 10 years, and tools like the Life Change app use those advances for the benefit of those in recovery. Traditionally, support groups and group therapy sessions were the ways newly sober individuals met others in recovery, encouraged each other and prevented relapse. The Life Change app provides many of the same benefits, with the use of high-tech methods. The new app provides easy access to the Life Change community of counselors and staff. App users can also quickly read and post messages… {Continue Reading}