When Is Treatment Necessary?

When Is Treatment Necessary? Many people struggle with the decision to get help for a loved one who has a drug or alcohol addiction.

They are afraid the person will get mad at them or will resist treatment.

They do not want to offend or embarrass their loved one, or make them feel like they are being judged.

What family members and friends often forget, however, is that addiction is a progressive disease, and the person will continue to get worse and be more controlled by their substance over time.

There is always an internal debate that occurs when someone finds out a loved one is using drugs or alcohol. They may wonder if the problem is really very serious and if treatment is even necessary.

Any drug use is dangerous and can quickly lead to addiction, however, and should be stopped before it can progress. If the person is abusing alcohol or drugs, acting irresponsible because of it, or seems unable to control their actions, they probably need help. Certainly if an individual’s life is being disrupted by their drug or alcohol abuse, they need help.

The First Step is the Most Important

Many people would prefer to look the other way or hope the problem will go away on its own rather than confront their loved one about an addiction. They feel it would be easier if the person would seek help themselves or if someone else would have the talk with them first.

This is why millions of people continue in their addiction year after year – it is so easy to deny the problem. The first step toward seeking help is the most difficult and also the most important. All it takes in some cases is a caring loved one who is willing to step up and confront the person.

Treatment is more effective and complete if it occurs early in an addiction. Instead of waiting until an addiction has completely taken over a person’s life, loved ones should encourage treatment as soon as they notice a problem. Early intervention will provide the person with the best chance at recovery.

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