The New Trend of Inhaling Alcohol

The New Trend of Inhaling AlcoholTeens and young adults think they’ve found the perfect way to ingest alcohol without the calories, but experts warn that the new trend is very dangerous.

Smoking alcohol, or the process of vaporizing and inhaling the substance, has been around for some time, but has become very popular in recent months.

YouTube videos continue to surface as more and more people hear about the activity.

There are instructional videos that tell how to make a device to vaporize alcohol, and some bars are even providing equipment for patrons to inhale alcohol rather than drink it.

Dangers of Smoking Alcohol

However, the practice of smoking alcohol is dangerous and can be deadly. Inhaling alcohol allows the user to bypass the digestive tract, meaning they do not acquire the calories that come with drinking. But bypassing the digestive tract causes the alcohol to enter the body at higher concentrations, making overdose more likely.

Alcohol smokers cannot properly gauge how much they have consumed, because it cannot be measured by the number of beers or shots.

Most importantly, when individuals smoke alcohol, they prevent their body from its natural defense against alcohol poisoning, which is to vomit. Bypassing the digestive tract means the stomach won’t become nauseated with too much alcohol, and instead, the bloodstream automatically takes in all that is consumed.

Keeping Young People Safe

Unfortunately, many young people and teens are experimenting with this practice because they do not know the dangers. Many even think smoking alcohol is safer because they are not actually drinking the substance.

Parents, teachers and community organizations need to be aware of this trend so that they can warn teens of the dangers of activities like this, and help them see that ingesting alcohol in any form is illegal for minors, and is dangerous. If yourself or someone you know is struggling with any form of alcohol abuse, encourage them to seek treatment immediately.

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