Strong Support Aids Recovery

Whether admitted to or not, drama is one of an addict’s favorite pastimes. It takes the attention off of the individual’s problem and places focus elsewhere.

Getting sober can seem like treading water upstream or at the very least; it can feel like the need to walk on eggshells in daily interaction. When it comes to getting and giving attention, it can be hard not to fall back into old habits.

Get What You Give

Sobriety doesn’t mean becoming a shut-in or making a big deal of being the “sober one,” this will draw the opposite kind of attention that can cause alienation.

Recovery is like living a completely new life. Finding people that accept you and have the same goals in mind can be challenging, but is possible.

Bridging the Gap

Making amends can clear the way for some relationships to be rebuilt. According to the “Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous,” Step 4 calls for an inventory be taken to examine past wrongs and in Step 8, individuals are encouraged to set these wrongs right by gathering the courage to restore relationships.

This can take a long time and a lot of energy, but is ultimately part of the reason why the steps are revisited time and time again and perfection is never expected.

Cutting off ties with the past friends that an individual hung out with prior to getting sober may no longer be the best people to be hanging out with through recovery.

To have the best shot at sobriety it is crucial to stay away from toxic people that may provide the wrong influences. In the best interests of a recovering addict, it is important to avoid anything that may trigger a relapse.

Giving Back

Interaction with others does not have to involve interacting with those closest to you. Many ex-addicts have found solace in service work. According to Alcoholic’s Anonymous literature the 12th Step involves carrying the message to other addicts. There are plenty of opportunities to dedicate time to helping others and is strongly encouraged in the sober community.

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