Faith in Recovery

Faith in RecoveryLiving a life of addiction is a never ending hamster wheel of chaos.

Feelings of being out of control, fear, being alone and hopelessness overwhelm most addicts.

They turn to rehab broken physically, emotionally and spiritually seeking help to overcome a demon much bigger than themselves.

Eliminate Hopelessness

Lost hope and substance abuse seem to go hand-in-hand. Once hope is lost, reaching a fuller, happier life is believed to be out of reach. Faith plays an integral role on the road to recovery by providing not only hope, but strength, courage, and self-control as well. Knowing there is power greater than their disease, stronger than their demons, and more loving than one can ever imagine taking that journey alongside them will help addicts soldier on through rehabilitation to a successful recovery. In moments of weakness and times of wanting to give up, leaning on God gets them through day by day.

The Many Benefits of Faith in Recovery

Quite often addicts participating in faith based rehab treatments thrive. Their belief in God provides a new found purpose to their lives, as they work to free themselves of their addictive lifestyles.

Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-Step program encouraging faith in a higher power, offers addicts these promises in their Big Book, instilling faith and hope in their future.

  • A new freedom and a new happiness
  • No regrets over the past or a desire to shut the door on it
  • Comprehension of the word serenity and knowing peace
  • A purpose: utilizing their experience to help others
  • Uselessness and self-pity will disappear
  • Loss of selfish desires and a increased interest in others
  • A new outlook on life
  • Loss of fear
  • Heightened intuition to handle circumstances that arise
  • The realization that God is doing for them what they cannot do for themselves

Along with the promise of God, addicts are rest assured they will make it to the other side.

“For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

One Response to “Faith in Recovery”

  1. sylvia sanctious

    ONE OF THE KEYS TO SOBRIETY IS TO LOVE ONESELF,FORGIVENESS AND COURAGE TO ACCEPT THE THINGS THAT YOU CAN’T CHANGE . It also takes the understanding that you are here for a purpose and to get to that purpose you will encounter many difficulties that will cause you to begin to trust a power greater than ourselves . It take putting one foot in front of the other and to continue to walk in a light that is provide for your protection and in that light is the power of life ,the power of positive thinking . This light is the light that God has given us to light the way and if we walk in the light our lives will become peaceful and a source for others to witness.


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