Age-old Customs Create New Treatment for Alcoholism

Age-old Customs Create New Treatment for AlcoholismSubstance abuse produces a break in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. This disconnect only serves to make matters worse for the person struggling with substance abuse.

Rehabilitation facilities today are recognizing the importance of reconnecting and treating the whole person by integrating holistic alcohol rehab treatments with traditional substance abuse treatment plans.

Holistic practices have been used for thousands of years and have proven to be met with great success.


Meditation, previously used primarily in Eastern cultures, offers those suffering with alcoholism a sense of peace and calmness, heightened self-awareness and increased focus; all of which are valuable assets to the treatment for alcoholism.

Learning how to breathe slowly and deeply helps to quiet the mind of the stressors that arouse cravings to drink. Meditation thereby weakens the auto response toward alcohol.


Long-term alcoholism produces an array of health issues. The body is depleted of valuable nutrients and brain cells, kidneys are weakened causing infections, and malnutrition is a common occurrence; which is why proper nutrition and exercise are essential in the treatment for alcoholism.

Addicts are taught how to make and prepare healthy food choices that will repair and strengthen their bodies. By doing so they will be ingesting the vitamins and minerals needed to improve their health and well-being, and help clear their minds.

Designing a regular exercise routine will also improve the strength and over-all health of an addiction stricken body.

The release of endorphins during exercise generate sensations comparable to that of morphine, thus reducing the desire for a substance abuse high.


Adopting a regular prayer routine while undergoing treatment for alcoholism fosters hope and generates new found motivation to break free from the bonds of alcohol addiction.

Building and solidifying a life-long relationship with God creates a strong sense of peace, knowing the path to recovery will never be a path walked alone.The risk of relapse is reduced knowing they can depend on a power higher than themselves.

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