Age-old Customs Create New Treatment for Alcoholism

Substance abuse produces a break in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. This disconnect only serves to make matters worse for the person struggling with substance abuse. Rehabilitation facilities today are recognizing the importance of reconnecting and treating the whole person by integrating holistic alcohol rehab treatments with traditional substance abuse treatment plans. Holistic practices have been used for thousands of years and have proven to be met with great success. Mind Meditation, previously used primarily in Eastern cultures, offers those suffering with alcoholism a sense of peace and calmness, heightened self-awareness and increased focus; all of which are valuable assets to the treatment for alcoholism. Learning how to breathe slowly and deeply helps to quiet the mind of the stressors that arouse cravings to drink. Meditation thereby weakens the auto response toward alcohol. Body Long-term alcoholism produces an array of health issues. The body is depleted of valuable… {Continue Reading}

The New Trend of Inhaling Alcohol

Teens and young adults think they’ve found the perfect way to ingest alcohol without the calories, but experts warn that the new trend is very dangerous. Smoking alcohol, or the process of vaporizing and inhaling the substance, has been around for some time, but has become very popular in recent months. YouTube videos continue to surface as more and more people hear about the activity. There are instructional videos that tell how to make a device to vaporize alcohol, and some bars are even providing equipment for patrons to inhale alcohol rather than drink it. Dangers of Smoking Alcohol However, the practice of smoking alcohol is dangerous and can be deadly. Inhaling alcohol allows the user to bypass the digestive tract, meaning they do not acquire the calories that come with drinking. But bypassing the digestive tract causes the alcohol to enter the body at higher concentrations, making overdose more… {Continue Reading}

Strong Support Aids Recovery

Whether admitted to or not, drama is one of an addict’s favorite pastimes. It takes the attention off of the individual’s problem and places focus elsewhere. Getting sober can seem like treading water upstream or at the very least; it can feel like the need to walk on eggshells in daily interaction. When it comes to getting and giving attention, it can be hard not to fall back into old habits. Get What You Give Sobriety doesn’t mean becoming a shut-in or making a big deal of being the “sober one,” this will draw the opposite kind of attention that can cause alienation. Recovery is like living a completely new life. Finding people that accept you and have the same goals in mind can be challenging, but is possible. Bridging the Gap Making amends can clear the way for some relationships to be rebuilt. According to the “Big Book of… {Continue Reading}

Faith in Recovery

Living a life of addiction is a never ending hamster wheel of chaos. Feelings of being out of control, fear, being alone and hopelessness overwhelm most addicts. They turn to rehab broken physically, emotionally and spiritually seeking help to overcome a demon much bigger than themselves. Eliminate Hopelessness Lost hope and substance abuse seem to go hand-in-hand. Once hope is lost, reaching a fuller, happier life is believed to be out of reach. Faith plays an integral role on the road to recovery by providing not only hope, but strength, courage, and self-control as well. Knowing there is power greater than their disease, stronger than their demons, and more loving than one can ever imagine taking that journey alongside them will help addicts soldier on through rehabilitation to a successful recovery. In moments of weakness and times of wanting to give up, leaning on God gets them through day by… {Continue Reading}