Proper Nutrition in Recovery

When you think of an addict or alcoholic, you certainly don’t envision someone who is a picture of good health –far from it. People with drug and alcohol problems are notorious for poor lifestyle choices caused by their substance abuse. Personal hygiene goes out the window and a decline in health inevitably follows, one that includes malnourishment, dental mishaps and chronic health problems. Addiction Wreaks Havoc On Mind and Body Proper nutrition provides much-needed sustenance to the brain to repair the damage caused by drugs and alcohol, which helps the recovery process on every level. This is especially true in the early days of recovery. However; practicing healthy habits and learning everything there is to know about a proper diet can feel overwhelming. Many people in sobriety avoid the topic altogether simply because they feel intimidated by it. To keep things simple in the beginning, the U.S. National Library of… {Continue Reading}

Dealing with Rejection

Everyone experiences rejection at one time or another. When faced with the disappointment of being rejected, it is important that we find healthy ways to make ourselves feel better, rather than turn to things like self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Life is full of sadness, disappointment and rejection. We may feel rejected when going through a divorce, when being ignored by others, when failing to get the promotion at work, and when family and friends let us down. These kinds of social disappointments are normal and everyone goes through them at all stages of life; from the child who is neglected by his parents or bullied by classmates, to the elderly person who sits alone for days without a visit from family members. Negative Coping Methods Many people, when faced with rejection, exhibit unhealthy behavior. The most common way an individual reacts to disappointment is to get angry or bitter,… {Continue Reading}

How To Help An Addict

Driving in the city often means that when you come to a stop light someone will run out with a sign asking for money because they are homeless, jobless or destitute. Many drivers don’t make eye contact, some root around for a dollar or some change out of their cup holder. And sometimes they hand over a card. That little card is the most powerful piece of paper around, but it has to be used. More powerful than a dollar On the card is a phone number to call: a shelter, a place to get food, an agency that will give help. If you look at what people are doing here, they are helping by: doing something and not doing something for the person asking for some cold hard cash. They don’t give money; they do give an option for concrete help. Some of these folks with a ragged sign… {Continue Reading}

Making Your Health A Priority

Consider this –have you ever met a cocaine addict who read nutrition labels? What about a drunk who only ate organic vegetables? Ever seen a meth user who went on a brisk walk every morning in spiffy workout gear? Chances are, the answer is a resounding no to all of the above. Staying healthy while being addicted to drugs or alcohol just doesn’t happen. The two simply cannot co-exist. After all, addiction is the enemy of life. It never supports activities, attitudes and decisions that will benefit you and your health –only those that end in death and destruction. By the time most addicts and alcoholics enter recovery, we are in survival mode. Proper nutrition and personal hygiene habits took a backseat to our drug of choice. Needless to say, years of drug and alcohol abuse eventually take their toll on the body. Major physical problems, mental health issues and… {Continue Reading}