The Effects of Alcoholism on Marriage

Many people who are addicted to alcohol try to convince themselves that their disease is not affecting those around them. Anyone who has lived with an alcoholic knows this is not true; alcoholism affects the whole family and it ruins marriages. Study on Alcoholism and Marriage The Indiana University School of Education conducted a 30 year study on the effects of alcoholism on marriage. The results were published in the April 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. Researchers found that individuals who were problem drinkers were more likely to marry at a later age. These individuals were also more likely to get divorced sooner. The results of this study are not surprising. Someone who is preoccupied with alcohol will have a harder time finding a partner who will stick with them in the first place. Those alcoholics who do get married will bring dysfunction and disorder to the… {Continue Reading}

Canine Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Veterans deserve our thanks and appreciation for all they do for our freedom. Not only do veterans dedicate years away from their family and loved ones and put themselves in physical danger, but they often suffer mental and emotional trauma as well. A common impact that war has on veterans who serve in combat is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 11-20% of veterans that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom suffer from PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that can develop when an individual is exposed to a traumatic experience, such as the tragedy of war. Someone with PTSD will keep reliving the experiences, will have nightmares about them, and will have difficulty dealing with their emotions or feel a numbness of emotions. This disorder is becoming more recognized, and experts are working… {Continue Reading}

Understanding the Spiritual Aspect of Recovery

If you have decided to seek recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it won’t be long before you are introduced to the spiritual aspect of the process. In fact, spirituality is at the very heart of the 12-Step philosophy and you simply can not work the 12 Steps without coming to terms with your own beliefs about God. This can be frightening for some people, who consider themselves atheist or agnostic…or for those who do believe in God, but fear God….or for those who have resentments towards God. No matter how you perceive God at stage of your life, the good news is –you are welcome in the rooms of recovery! While you must eventually embrace this aspect of sobriety to benefit from your particular 12-Step program, this is not something you need to do today. Just attending your first few meetings is challenge enough and simply getting to… {Continue Reading}